Sales and Marketing Jobs in Dubai


Sales And Marketing Executive

The Offer

Opportunity within a company with a solid track record of performance
A role that offers a breadth of learning opportunities
Flexible working options

The Job

Your Responsibilities will include:

  • Oversees and maintains the organizations foreign currency market position.
  • Executes foreign currency transactions for clients.
  • Establishes local exchange rates for retail customers based on market fluctuations; communicates rates to and directs other staff accordingly.
  • Advises international clients on foreign markets and fluctuations.
  • Maintains current knowledge and¬†close¬†following of major commodity markets including crude oil, petroleum and natural gas products, agricultural products, and precious metals.
  • Recommends products based on international currency and commodity markets.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.
  • Examine key industry challenges facing the global financial markets and factors affecting the future of the financial markets industry.
  • Examine operational risks from financial market activities and take action to limit financial and reputational losses.
  • Explain developments in trading technology and platforms to suggest improvements/solutions for the trade execution.
  • Monitor and assess foreign exchange markets to identify trading opportunities and form trading strategies.
  • Monitor daily profit, loss and positions in the trading book, and form strategies to manage associated financial risks.
  • Trade foreign exchange products and foreign exchange derivatives in the secondary market based on client orders.
  • Value foreign exchange products and foreign exchange derivatives to provide bid/offer price quotes to clients.
  • Monitoring financial markets and trading activities around the world in order to identify opportunities for profit
  • Trading currencies or other financial instruments on behalf of clients or firms, including speculators, investors, and corporations
  • Identifying and analyzing market trends using technical analysis and other indicators
  • Communicating with clients to provide information about fluctuations in currency prices and other financial information
  • Calculating risk exposure to determine whether trades are suitable for clients based on their investment objectives
  • Using advanced computer programs to monitor positions and execute trades
  • Negotiating with foreign exchange brokers to set prices for trades
  • Reporting trading activity to supervisors or using automated trading systems to place orders on behalf of clients or firms
  • Identifying opportunities for profit by analyzing economic trends and news events that might affect currency prices
  • Prepare reports on financial services and the forex market for users and managers
  • Manage the risks of trading on foreign exchange markets while making a profit
  • Conduct research on the financial markets
  • Analyze market activity and monitor market trends
  • Monitor trading activities and transactions of other traders
  • Maintain records in accordance with financial regulations
  • Maintain and develop relationships with clients

Ideal Candidate

Skills Required:

  • Marketing Executive in Exchange Field: 3 years (Preferred)
  • Bachelor’s Degree required.